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12 Principles for the Digital Charter


Principle One:

A ‘digital first’ startup business culture

Principle Two:

An internet where startups can innovate safely without permission

Principle Three:

A clear, stable and predictable legal framework

Principle Four:

Evidence-based policy reflecting the global ambitions of startups

Principle Five:

A cross-government focus on boosting our digital economy

Principle Six:

Keeping data flowing as we leave the EU

Principle Seven:

A commitment to world-class network infrastructure

Principle Eight:

A diverse, digitally skilled workforce with access to training and retraining

Principle Nine:

Helping small businesses tap into the global tech ecosystem

Principle Ten:

Resilient internet users of all ages who can identify problems and tackle them

Principle Eleven:

An environment which promotes a user’s right to create and speak freely online

Principle Twelve:

Public confidence in data-driven business based on understanding how their data is used

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