Today we have published a new report: The Gig Economy: A Model for Work in the 21st Century.

Over the past few years, waves of gig economy startups have radically expanded people’s options, with platforms bringing more competition and choice to everything from private cheffing to accounting to physical therapy. Gig platforms enable people to earn in ways it would be impossible to do if their only option was traditional employment, with its reciprocal obligations and set hours.

And the data we’ve gathered suggests this want for flexibility and optionality is here to stay – some 42% of 18-24 year olds we surveyed agreed: ‘If I could make my current job flexible like a gig economy job I would’.

But the current rules put these startups in a straightjacket. Perversely, offering enhanced benefits such as access to specialist insurance or training might mean you risk tipping into employment categories that will take away your ability to be flexible.

Our current employment models are not fit for the 21st Century – and businesses are crying out for clarity.

You can read our full report here..